Goodbye April, Hello May 2021! | MegsCoffeeBreak


Wow! I can’t believe an entire month has passed since writing this type of post last month. Time seems to be flying by; I didn’t even realise it was May until today and it’s literally 5 days into the month. Overall, April was… well I can’t even remember because it went by so quickly. I do have a few things I’ve learnt though, and a few things I want to change for May.

Firstly, Easter was last month! And I managed to go home and see my family for it which was so nice. Rule of 6 outside came into play at the beginning of last month so we had an easter dinner in the garden with my auntie and uncle. It was my first time seeing them since christmas so it was great to have a catch up- I also might have got a little bit too drunk! When the rule of 6 did come into play, I managed to see some of my friends from home which was amazing! It had been way too long so it was so so so so so so nice to see them.

Later on in the month, pubs and shops opened in the UK which was so lovely and I have definitely made the most of it- just ask my bank account. I feel as though as soon as things opened I booked myself up and made as many plans as possible. It was such a good few weeks! I have definitely calmed down now, however. Following on from making myself so busy came being behind on uni work this month. All of my spare time I had, had to be spent on last minute essays and exams so hopefully the grades I receive will not reflect the effort I put in because otherwise, I will be chucked out all together!


Unfortunately, that meant a reduced amount of content I had been able to get out this month which makes me sad because there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with a coffee and writing a blogpost. April saw me have writer’s block and that’s the first time it has ever happened to me; let me tell you, it’s awful! Therefore, I am setting myself the goal in May to get out 5 blog posts! I really want to work on my Instagram and my blog this month because of how much I neglected it in April… So if you see me slacking, let me know!

So as a whole, April was spent catching up with so many different people and having life return to normal! Well as much as it can right now… Proper lockdown made me very uptight and focused on work so April definitely taught me to let myself go a bit and to have fun. However, I may have taken that to the extreme. Therefore, this month my focus is to find a balance. Perhaps a little more work and less play.

I would love to hear how you spent your April and any plans that you might have for May!

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