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With life slowly getting busier and busier at the minute, we can easily get carried away with ourselves and it’s important to stop and take a moment every so often to slow down, unwind and have a proper self care day. If you don’t know what to do on a self care day, then you’ve come to the right place because I’m here to tell you exactly how to do it.

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If you know you’re going to have a self care day, then don’t set your alarm. Let your body wake up naturally. Whether you wake up at the same time as normal or not, you’ve still let your body wake up when it wants to and trust me, you’ll feel so grateful to not hear your alarm in the morning. The first thing I like to do when I’m having a day off, is to make a hot cup of coffee. Obviously, this can be a drink of your choice, whatever you enjoy but for me personally (hello, megsCOFFEEbreak), the first thing I think of is coffee. I always let myself enjoy the entire cup. I let my thoughts wonder, sometimes I write things down but I just focus on the drink. It’s a sort of meditation. Take deep breaths and slow your breathing down ready for the calming day ahead.

One thing I feel very strongly about when it comes to self care is having a clean space around you. I know cleaning isn’t what everybody wants to do on a self care day. However, if you plan to spend the day in your living room, or your bedroom, make sure wherever you plan to settle is tidy. If you’re spending hours trying to have a chill day but your space is messy then it can be hard to relax. Just spend 20 minutes first thing making sure things are in their right place so your mind can be free of any physical mess going on around you. I personally enjoy cleaning and I find it very relaxing so I like to spend a decent amount of time cleaning on a self care. Maybe listening to a podcast will help you really get into it?


This is one of the obvious ones you’re going to see on any list such as this one. Have a pamper. There’s no better feeling than once you’ve just stepped out the shower, with smooth skin and clean hair. If you go the day without having a nice clean then you’re going to feel grubby and horrible. This is a self care day, not a lazy day, remember? Some things I like to do when I’m having a pamper is a face mask, hair mask, a whole body scrub and shave and then I like to thoroughly moisturize my skin. It isn’t something I do often because my skin isn’t dry but it’s a lovely feeling when your skin is nice and silky. For specific, affordable products you can use to have a pamper, click here to find out the ones I like best! Maybe even have a fake tan.

This could have gone in the last point, but spending time to properly do your nails has so many benefits. You can listen to music or a podcast, or you can watch something online but I find doing it in silence does wonders for your mind. I actually received a gel nail kit for Christmas which means doing my nails can often take quite a while to do and it’s another form of meditation for me. Because you’re focusing so heavily on a task which takes a bit of concentration, your mind will often wander off to other things without you even realizing. This is meditation! Give it a go and see what happens.

This one again, is very predictable. However, I think it’s very important that it is mentioned because it is one of the best things to do on a self care day. That is watch your favourite movie or get deeply involved in a good book. These are both great ways to let your mind free of any worries you might be having and to just forget about the world for as long as possible. If you feel like you have watched every movie possible at this point, click here to read my blogpost on the best movies and tv shows you must watch now! Let me know what your favourite things to watch and read are in the comments!

On a self care day, there is one thing which is a total MUST and that is food! Whether you enjoy cooking or you fancy ordering a takeaway, indulge in your favourite foods all day long and don’t feel guilty about what you’re eating! Perhaps you would want to cook the best meal you can think of- maybe a homemade chilli or a roast. If cooking isn’t your thing, order a takeaway. How about a pizza? An Indian or Chinese? There’s so many good foods to eat and a self care day is the best time to eat. Don’t forget about the snacks, either. Try popping to the shops and grabbing some chocolate, crisps or some biscuits. The list is endless.


The last thing I would recommend you to do on your self care day is to plan for the next day or a couple days ahead. The reason you’re giving yourself a self care day is probably because you’re feeling quite stressed. Therefore, after a long day of chilling out and resting, try to make a reasonable plan for the upcoming days. If you don’t, when you get into bed the worrying thoughts will slowly creep back. You’ll realise you can manage things, and you can get things done. After the lovely break, you’ll be motivated to start the next day productively!

So, there’s all my tips for having an amazing self care day! I’d love to hear what you do to stay calm and what your favourite things to do are for when you’re having a calm day. Leave in the comments down below!



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