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Can we believe it’s April 1st already? March just seemed to fly by and I wasn’t even ready to write this blogpost until I woke up and realised it’s actually April today! So let’s have a chat about it. How did your March go and what are you expecting to come from April? I have a gut feeling April is going to be a great month, and here’s why…

But first, let’s talk about March. I normally have so much to say about the month because I can look back at my journal and I remember everything that happened. However, this month seems to be a complete blur as journaling was not top priority for the first time in ages. That brings me to the first thing I learnt during March- I do not need to live my life through writing down every single thing that happened to me during the day. Over the first lockdown, I became heavily obsessed with journaling, to the point I would do it twice a day. It made me start to think I needed to do it daily or things would go wrong and I would be mentally unstable. However, this month I decided to live more in the moment and to let go of silly things rather than stew on them. It really made a difference. I journaled when I felt like it but if I had nothing to say, I didn’t force myself to write and it felt really good.


As for my goals in March, I feel very 50/50 about whether I have achieved them or not. I decided on some goals surrounding my blog specifically and I feel as though I let the ball drop a little bit towards the end of the month. It started off very strong but as time went on I was posting less and less. What I’ve learned from this is that I need to get ahead of my blogposts so when I feel like writing, I can, rather than feeling forced to write. That is one of my goals for the month of April.

I feel like I have taken so many trains through the month (I am actually sat on the train writing this right now). Although it is now technically April, I did visit home during March over the Mother’s Day period and I am now going back for Easter. (This is all being done true to the rules and social bubbling etc). I can’t lie, it has been really nice to travel between my uni home and my home home! Taking the train every time is a bit of a ball ache as it’s two hours. However, I’m happy to do so because I get to see those who I love more regularly. This is something that is exciting for when restrictions ease even more.

As for April, I’m really looking forward to this month. The main reason for this is because of the easing of the lockdown rules. A couple of days ago, the rule of 6 came into action which means whilst I’m at home, I can see my friends! It will be outside but I’m so excited to be able to actually see them in person. Not only because of corona but also because of us all being at university, it has been impossible to actually meet up so I’m now really grateful that we are able to. It’s Easter in a few days which means I can spend time with my family and eat all the chocolate. I’m really looking forward to spending the first part of April at home.


Also, on April 12th, not only does our next student loan come through (it’s needed) but non essential retail can open and so do pub gardens! This is the next stage of the corona roadmap and I’m really looking forward to feeling a bit of normality again. Obviously, none of us have been able to go shopping in months and it is literally one of my favourite things to do. Well, I say shop, I more mean browse. I will debate buying a pair of shoes for about 20 minutes only to make the conclusion that I don’t need them. It happens every time. Also, I’m thrilled about pub gardens opening! Just having  a drink somewhere which isn’t at home will be great. It’s definitely going to feel a lot more exciting than it did a couple of years ago, that’s for sure.

I’m yet to sit and make goals for April (probably because I didn’t realise the months were changing), but from the top of my head all I can think is that I want to become more consistent at blogging. That’s going to take a lot of preparation and getting ahead I reckon. But if that means spending all my train journeys working on my blog, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

Please leave a comment on how your March went and anything you have planned or are looking forward to in April! I would love to hear more about your lives and become connected! Also, if there are any blogposts you would like to see in the future, please let me know. Speak to you soon!


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4 thoughts on “Goodbye March, Hello April 2021! |MegsCoffeeBreak

  1. Great post! Happy April! I’m also excited to be able to go to the shops and pubs again this month! One of my goals this month is to post more on my socials!


  2. Loved reading this Meg! I haven’t entirely got round to thinking about my April goals, so I will do it tonight I think! x

    Liked by 1 person

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