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Having published my morning routine a couple weeks ago and receiving SO much love on that post, I’ve decided to also share the evening routine I have as a student. Obviously, we’re still in a lockdown so this routine probably wont be the same in a few months time but at the moment, there is absolutely nothing to do so I really make the most of the evenings.

So to start off, I finish working between 5:30 and 6pm. A lot of days I will be studying from the library but some days I will be working from home. It’s all self- online studying at the moment so I can really finish studying whenever I choose but being strict on yourself is really important in times like these. Especially whilst we have no timetables. Therefore, I usually return home / am completely finished between 5:45 and 6:15.

The first thing I do is drop my bags and take off my makeup (if I’m even wearing any). I find that after I’ve been wearing it for a few hours I just want it off my face. Once I’ve done that I will jump into the shower. I am typically more of an evening showerer, depedning if I have been out or not. Some days I will just take 2 showers, if I’m feeling particularly tired in the mornings.


After I have showered, I will tidy my room. It’s usually around 6:45 by this point. The state of my room really depends on where I’ve been working that day. It never really takes me long, though. By 7pm, everything will be tidied up and I’m usually starving at that point so I’ll very quickly finish off my skin routine and head to the kitchen.

The meals I cook usually don’t take very long. I’m quite lucky with my flatmates that they’re all early eaters so I usually have the kitchen space to myself during this time. Due to living alone at university I will often cook meals such as stir frys, chillis and curries. Batch cooking is honestly the way forward if you are at uni! The longest amount of time I take to cook and eat is around an hour so by 8pm, I have usually eaten and washed up from dinner.

My flatmates and I enjoy to watch something together in the evenings so around 8pm we will normally watch something. At the moment, we are going through all of the X-Men movies from the beginning. I’ve seen all of the MCU but not The X-Men so we’re catching up with those currently. This doesn’t happen every night. Quite often there is a football match that the boys want to watch so I will stay in the living area but instead I will just paint or work on my blog for a couple hours. Therefore, I’m still spending time with them.

Usually around 10pm, I will start thinking about going to my room and going to bed. I like to wake up quite early so I think about sleeping early (I never fall asleep early, I literally stay awake on TikTok for the majority of the night). When I eventually drag myself to my room I will put my fairy lights on and sit on my phone for a bit. I really enjoy making a todo list for the following day so I can minimise all of my thoughts when I finally attempt to go to sleep. I am a terrible sleeper and it’s something that I really struggle with so by writing all of my thoughts down, it really helps with stress.


I will always take a cuppa with me to bed at night, whether I drink it or not is a different story because I would say it’s forgotten about 5/7 nights a week. Anyway, after I’ve written down all my brain junk, I will pop on either a Youtube video or the Netflix series I’m watching at the minute. It depends on what’s been released on Youtube. My favourite people to watch are Gemma Louise Miles, Sophie Louise, SophDoesLife, Anastaisa Kingsnorth and The Sidemen. The latter do seem very out of place on that list but I enjoy their videos none the less. If you want to know what TV shows I have been loving recently then click here to view a list of the best shows to stream in 2021!

Between 11pm & 12am is the usual time I will fall asleep. It’s never earlier but it can be a bit later. Like I said, falling asleep is not my strong suit, anxiety can be a bring problem for me at night. Therefore, I’l never try too hard to drift off and will allow myself to get tired in my own time.

There you go! It’s not the most revolutionary evening routine, I’l just do whatever I’m feeling to be honest. I try to just relax as much as possible and to not focus on any academic work because I feel as though it can really take over my mind a lot of the time. I’d love to hear what you do in the evenings to relax! Let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “The EVENING Routine You NEED As A STUDENT! | MegsCoffeeBreak

  1. Love this post! Have you watched Wanda Vision yet?

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  2. Lovely post Meg! I love watching YouTube too☺️✨

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  3. Lovely post! I also watch some of them YouTubers and they are great! I loved hearing about your evening routine! Thank you for sharing this!

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