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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, a lot of us are away from our partners caused by the ongoing pandemic. Regardless of whether we’re together or apart, it’s still a struggle trying to decide what to do for this special occassion due to everything still being closed. Here are 10 things you can do with your loved ones in person or online.

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APART ON VALENTINES DAY? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. It may not be the same as a usual year but there’s still plenty of things you can do with your loved ones from far apart! Let’s make the most of it and have some lovely valentine’s days.

Takeaway surprise.

If you’re unable to have a takeaway together this sunday, have one apart… with a twist. Get on UberEats and order not for yourself, but for your partner. Don’t tell them what you’re ordering and get their reaction when it’s delivered to their door. They will do the same for you. See how well you both know each other- or screw them over with something they’re not keen on (that’s just what my mischevious mind would want me to do!). Have your meal over the phone and make a night out of it- you never know what you might get.

Online games.

This one may not be for everyone but I know for sure once you start playing games, they get addicting. There’s a fun game out there for everyone and there’s a variety of ways to do so; PC, Xbox, PlayStation, even through your phones. I would highly recommend Minecraft to play; there’s so much you can do so there’s endless fun to be had. To all my girls out there you might want to keep your boyfriends happy and play a bit of Warzone, I bet you I will have to!

A couples quiz.

Do you think you know your partner well? Why not put it to the test? Make a quiz about yourself and see just how well you do actually know about each other. You can keep it simple by just doing a few questions or you can jazz things up and create rounds: eachother’s past, eachother’s family, eachother’s favourites off… You can make it as easy or as challenging as you want and it doesn’t cost a penny to create. You might want to do some digging first to make sure you don’t get any important questions wrong- could be embarrassing!

Online streaming.

Something recent which has been added to many streaming sites is watch parties. It can’t be the same as actually being cuddled up together but it’s definitely the next best thing. You can watch the same thing at the exact same time, if one person pauses, it pauses for the other. For Netflix, there’s a chrome extension called Netflix Party and for Disney+ there’s a feature called group watch. If you enjoy the MCU and you haven’t done so already, you need to watch WandaVision- it’s so good! Perfect for a couple who like The Avengers.

Mystery boxes.

Mystery boxes are a great way of showing appreciation for your partner. If you’re buying gifts for each other, why not put it into a box full of their favourite things! You could add snacks, drinks, beauty things, books; whatever you partner is into. It’s a great way of showing how much you know about one another and opening them together through video call is a great activity you can do together. You may be apart but you can still care for each other. I would recommend spraying the box of your perfume or aftershave so when they open the box, it smells like you!


Are you together for Valentines? That’s wonderful! It can still be hard to find things to do because nothing is open. So here’s 5 adorable things you can do to spice up your Valentines.


We can’t go out for a nice meal at the minute, so let’s make the meals at homes. There’s so many ways you can choose to do this. Firstly, you can cook together which could be a great way to do something together and to have fun. Ladies, if you don’t trust you man to be anywhere near the kitchen, you can cook his favourite meal (a slight stereotype here, but this is how it is in my relationship). Maybe you can assign one of you to do the main course and one of you to do dessert. Maybe you could cook each others favourite meals. Do whatever fits for you- you can make it as fun as you wish.


You may be critical of this straight off the bat but hear me out. Have you ever invisioned a style you think would look perfect on your partner but they won’t budge and stick to what they know? Well, why not plan a night where you buy each other an outfit and the other has to wear it for the night. You never know, they might love what you buy for them. Again, you could screw them over and buy something completely horrible, but that may just be the return of my mischevious mind. I wonder what I would do if I could dress my boyfriend in whatever I wanted for a whole night…

Netflix & Den.

Think Pinterest here. You could create a huge den with blankets and fairy lights. Make it as asethetic as you please. Imagine all the pillows and snacks you could take inside with you. Find a movie that interests you both on Netflix and have a cozy evening with hot chocolate and popcorn. This sounds like the perfect evening to me. This is adaptable- you could remove the den or the Netflix. You could always make the den and play games; you could always watch Netflix in bed. Adapt it to what suits you best but this is the best idea if you’re craving a homely night in!

1 vs 1 games tournament.

Now this is easily adjustable to online date night (as already mentioned) but doing it in person could be a great evening. Whether you play board games or video games is up to you but the competition could really heat up and so much time can be spent battling until someone is crowned the winner. You could use a scoreboard if you really wanted to take it seriously. This is perfect for the couples who love to be active and doing something! I bet I would win in a games competition against my boyfriend (I actually don’t think I would win- but never would I tell him that)!

Pamper night.

Ladies this one might take some persuading of the boyfs but I bet you will get what you want eventually! Honestly, boys like to be pampered too- there’s no better feeling than using a body scrub, doing a hair mask and moisturising your skin. It’s not just girls who enjoy this. Also, it could be adorable for a couple to do this together. Have a glass of prosecco and chill out for the evening. You never know, you could even make the fort and watch some films afterwards (I am obsessed with making the fort, yes).


Last of all, girls if you’re single this Valentine’s I feel you! But that’s okay. It’s great spending time on you- have the biggest pamper of your life. I’m talking a bath with all the works, fake tan, de-hairing of the brows. Do the whole lot! Have a gals night- all of these ideas can be easily swapped out to do with your friends! Think I might plan a mystery box with my bestie.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a great day whatever you’re doing!

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2 thoughts on “The Top 10 DATE IDEAS For VALENTINES 2021, LOCKDOWN 3.0 Style! | MegsCoffeeBreak

  1. I love these ideas! I am also a big fan of WandaVision and I like playing minecraft with my sibling. I’m single for Valentine’s Day so I’ll just be treating myself and doing self care. Thank you for sharing this post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. megscoffeebreak Feb 11, 2021 — 7:41 pm

      A pamper night sounds perfect right now! x

      Liked by 1 person

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