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The UK is going through lockdown after lockdown after lockdown… and it’s getting BORING! Here is a list of activities to do alone, with family or even with flatmates. No matter what situation you’re in at the moment, this list includes something for everyone.

FOR YOURSELF! We all have spent a lot more time with our own company over the past year which may have been nice at first but you’re probably at the point where you just want a bit of interaction again. However, lockdown is still going on and we have to all hang in there together. So here are a few ways you can spend your time with yourself- and enjoy it.


Now, I’m not saying you have to be an artistic god to do this, but I’ve personally found painting, or other forms of art such as drawing, is an amazing way to relax and to throw out some creativity into the universe. If you’re lacking some inspiration, head to Pinterest to get some beginners guides & tips. Additionally, if you know you’re super bad at art (I feel you), Paint By Numbers is a great way to get creative without needing to actually be creative. In the first lockdown I ordered a paint by numbers and it is a great pass time to do. Trust me, it takes hours. I’ve ordered another one now and I’m currently doing my second Paint by Numbers (and persuaded all of my flatmates to get one too). They’re super easy, very addictive and have a fantastic outcomes.


This is another staple activity that every blog you’ll ever read will be promoting. That’s for a reason. Everyone can benefit from reading a book- not only is it a great escape away from reality and phone screens but they also take longer to finish than it does watching a film. Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix, but we’re in lockdown here and we’re trying to pass time. There’s a book for everyone- romance, humour, crime, horrors… the list is endless. Personally, I have been reading positivity books recently about manifestation and raising vibrations. I would recommend The Secret, Good Vibes Good Life and also The Rules of Life. For more book recommendations head over to @onhannahsbookshelf for a whole range of book reviews.


Another staple, I haven’t got much to say apart from I did a 3D globe during the last lockdown and I enjoyed every minute of it. You can find extremely complex puzzles online so why not test yourself and get your mind concentrating on a tricky task?

Use the technology we have

We’re in the 21st century people! We have technology so let’s use it. With extra time on our hands we should be using the internet as a way of keeping us entertained. As good as it is to switch off sometimes, the amount of amazing things we can do online is insane. Whether that’s facetiming your friends, doing a Zoom quiz, attempting an online course or straight up watching Netflix, there’s always something to do! You could even head to CoolMathsGames for a bit of nostalgia.

Try some new hobbies

I fully undertsand this was the whole trend this time last year but I want to know how many of you have kept up with all those hobbies you started last March. Are you still speaking French? Are you still baking? Is your house still organised? All those things we started in Lockdown 1.0 we probably haven’t kept up with so get back to it! If you’ve realised you didn’t actually enjoy what you was doing last lockdown then try something new. Order a ukelele, take online singing lessons, start a blog. Having a project or something to work towards is exactly what we all need right now. Don’t be lazy because you’re bored of being at home!


WITH YOUR FAMILY! Now I fully get you when you say you’re sick of your family. But… that isn’t the way to be thinking. We’re priveledged that we’ve been able to spend this amount of time with each other and to be honest, right now they’re the only people we’ve got so we need to make the most of our time together. That’s why I have compiled a list of activities to do together.

Games night

It would have been wrong of me to not start this list with a games night. We all did it last lockdown but when was the last time you whipped the monopoly out? Last year? Thought so. Get all the games back out and have a rematch; this could become an annual tradition. Switch it up a bit, dig out the old nintendo wii and have a competition of all the wii sports games. For me, I’m unbeaten at bowling where as my brother wins the boxing… every single time. You could go further back in time, has one of your older siblings got the ancient sega games console? Nothing beats a good classic game of Sonic the Hedgehog or Streets of Rage (probably a bit old for my audience, but trust me they are classics!)

Theme nights

This could be taken in two different ways; dinner and drinking. Depending on the type of family you have, you could do theme nights for either of those. For the dinner aspect, what about a mexican night, childhood favourites, takeaway night? You could even do a come dine with me. Every member of the household has to cook a family meal each night of the week, provide entertainment and score each other. By the end of the week, calculate the scores and find out your winner! Alternatively, you could have themed drinking nights, maybe it’s fancy dress, maybe it’s cocktail night. If it seems a bit sad doing this just in your household, get on teams! Call your cousins and get them to join in. Have a quiz with them…


If you’re anything like my family, you hoard everything anywhere you can. Our attic, garage, storage cupboards and old drawers are full of childhood toys, old letters and everything else that just hasn’t been thrown away. Spend an afternoon all together in your attic going through everything you’ve decided to keep over the years and have a laugh looking through old photos you find. It’s questionable how much organising you will actually get done, or if you’ll just leave it more of a mess than how you found it but ultimately, it will be a great bonding afternoon.


With flatmates! Personally for me, this lockdown has been super different to the others because it’s the first one I’m spending at university! I’m sure that might be the case for other people reading this. It certainly is different and I’m so grateful I’m somewhere else with new people for Lockdown 3.0, as it’s given me a bit of variation! However, it is still super easy to get bored and it can be a bit straining living this closely with people who aren’t your family. So here’s some ideas of what to do with your flatmates!

Do a pub crawl, corona style

For this, each flatmate turns their bedroom into a different pub theme, creates a signature drink and plays their own unique music. Then all together you visit everybody’s room, having a drink (or a few) in each and rate each other’s “pubs”. It’s just like a normal pub crawl but in the comfort of your own flat! It’s a great way to get to know each other too as you get to see what everyone picks to decorate their rooms.

Drinking games

This is an obvious choice but getting to know people is easiest through drinking games. Some of the classics are spin the bottle, ring of fire and never have I ever. Take the opportunity of not being at home, not having a fixed schedule and the fact we’re literally in a lockdown to spend time bonding and having fun with your flatmates. Another game we’ve personally enjoyed playing is drinking jenga. We bought a giant jenga and have written dares on each block such as ‘take a shot’ so whatever you pull out, you have to do!

Murder Mystery

This one might require a highly organised person to create. In my flat, that person is me. I have been desgining a murder mystery game we will be doing very soon where you create a character for each person to play thoughout the night and create a scenario. One of the players is a murderer and one is the victim. When the lights go out, someone dies. Clues are created for the rest of the players to work out who did it! This is a great idea to do as a flat, there requires fancy dress, role play, drinking and collaborative thinking. A fun thing to do on a boring lockdown evening.


FOCUS ON YOUR MENTAL HEALTH! It’s great to arrange things to do during this crazy time but ultimately the most important thing to do at the minute is make sure you’re doing ok. Take some time out of your zoom calls and organisation to reflect on how you’ve been feelings and to express any feelings you may have been pushing aside. Here’s a few tips of things you can do if you’re having a rough patch to reset your mind and start fresh with your mental health.


Doing this daily helps lift any negative feelings from your mind and to put them down on paper. Once they’re out of your mind, a weight is lifted. Journalling isn’t just for negative feelings. Write down anything positive feelings you have been experiencing too and keep your vibrations high. Include a gratitide list within your journalling to keep high spirits. It can be hard to feel grateful for anything right now, but even showing thanks for having a nice, warm cup of coffee in the morning is enough to put a smile on your face.

Keeping a routine

It can seem pointless at the minute to be setting an alarm to get up in the morning but I promise it will make you feel amazing sticking to a routine, regardless if you have to be anywhere. You might be struggling sleeping, a routine will fix that. You might be spending all day in bed, a routine will fix that. Set aside a few hours of the day to work on any hobbies and do the traditional lockdown acitivities such as painting or learning a language. There are plenty of things you can be doing instead of sitting in bed doing nothing. You’ll feel better for it.


This goes alongside keeping a routine. You might think it’s pointless getting showered and dressed every day if nobody’s going to see you but actually, someone is seeing you- you. If every time you pass a mirror you’re seeing youself slobby in pyjamas with greasy hair, you’re not going to feel good. Instead, if you’re showered and dressed, you will feel happier. A nice long shower or bath is also a great pass time during the day. Maybe do a hair mask or your nails; pass the time.

Keep active

I’m not saying buy a tredmill and run for 2 hours a day- nobody ever wants to do that. I’m not saying go for long walks every morning- it’s February and it keeps snowing. But maybe one day Just Dance might seem appealing, or the sun appears from behind the clouds and you want to get outside for a 20 minute stroll. Keeping active will keep your mind healthy. Stretching in the morning and in the evening will keep your muscles moving. Yoga will keep your core strong and your mind clear. A little bit of activity on a daily basis is all you need.


Stay connected

As previously mentioned, it’s so important to use technology to your advantage. You might live alone and feel very lonely at a time like this so it is key to stay close with your friends and relatives. Schedule a weekly call with your girls, or play COD with your boys (apologies for the gender stereotypes, I’m speaking from pure experience and schemas). If you’re away from home, ring your mum every day. Keep the whatsapp group chats flowing and the DMs open. We’re all alone at the minute and we’re all in this together, so stay connected with one another!

I hope this helps fill some space in what seems to be the never ending lockdown. We’re a month into it in the UK and there seems to finally be some light at the end of the tunnel. Fingers crossed this won’t be for too much longer. We haven’t got long left so let’s keep our spirits high and eyebrows plucked (I’m being serious- don’t let yourself go, summer will be here before you know it). If you’re struggling, my DMs are always open on Instagram, let’s all be here to support one another.

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